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Bumper Ads Featured

22 May 2019 Social Networks
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Have you heard of Bumper Ads? Maybe not, but believe us when we say that you've probably seen at least one per each YouTube video you've watched.

Bumper Ads are those 6 second ads that we can’t ignore. These little wonders help advertiser brands increase their viewing reach, especially on mobile devices. This ad format helps brands expand their recognition to the target audience by reinforcing call-to-action - it's an incredibly creative and interesting way to say, "Hello, I'm here!".

This tool is a great solution for remarketing, in this way ads are only shown to users who have had contact with our website before. With the right message and image editing you can impact the user in such a short period of time.

Bumper Ads are perfect for product launch campaigns that need to be reached within a short period of time, as well as appealing to campaigns that use teasers as a promotional strategy, generating momentary curiosity that will be satisfied in the next ads.

This type of advertising is ideal for companies that are now making their debut in the advertising world as it brings more cost of production and placement into account. Cost is per view (CPV).

Right now YouTube platform is testing to create a tool that makes a longer ad in a Bumper Ad.

Through a search of key elements in the ad (products, company logo, interesting audio, a focus on specific people, etc.) the "Bumper Machine" will create four versions of an ad; leaving it up to the user to choose one or use the four.