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Google changes the way it displays mobile search results Featured

05 June 2019 News
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Google is introducing some changes to how it displays search results on mobile devices in order to better highlight the source behind each link.

From now on, mobile search results will display the icon and name of the website above the page title.

With this new design, Google's mobile search begins to look like a news feed, full of publications from various publishers on a particular subject. Giving attention to the source of information makes a lot of sense, especially because we need to worry about fake news sources.

Websites have full control over the name and icon and the change will help highlighting a link from Newspaper (for example) rather than a link from a site with untrustworthy content if Google shows them on the same search page.

Google also argues that this change is a kind of leap for the creation of richer content pages. 

The idea is that search results, which are displayed as individual cards, become more interactive, allowing you to access more and better results without visiting pages with no interest.