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PrestaShop releases new version 1.7.6 Featured

16 July 2019 E-Commerce
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The most ambitious version of PrestaShop is here, and with it many upgrades to your store.

There are three key factors in this update: performance, acquisition and conversion aspects, and internationalization.

With this new version, merchants benefit from new features, from having their products on the spotlight and reaching a wider audience.

Optimizations in the front and back office, bug fixes, new features that increase the potential of each store at each stage are some of the new updates that this update brings us.

Coline Ginestet, Lead Product Manager at PrestaShop says that with this release the platform continues to "follow all online vendors in their growth goals, making their day-to-day work easier thanks to efficient and intuitive tools."

To find out more information about this update check here the PrestaShop website.

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