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Learn how to do well on Google searches Featured

05 June 2019 News
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Martin Splitt, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, told the top 3 factors he considers essential for SEO.


The main factor is content. Our website must have content, good content, that serves a purpose for the user. Ideally, content tells where we are, what we do, and how we can help the user.

Google tends to favor every page that matches exactly what users are searching for. We have to use the language that our target audience would use, without too technical terms for everyone to understand the message we are trying to pass through.

The second major factor is meta data. Meta data are keywords or a short text that describe and summarize our publication. This text will appear in the search results, allowing the users to discover which of the many results may be of interest to them.

Last but not least, the website performance. This is an important factor because Google wants to provide a good user experience, and the speed of a website sometimes dictates the success or failure of that experience.

While we improve the performance of our website we are making it faster and showing the user what he wants to see. Consequently we are making it more visible because Google tends to privilege websites that have a better performance.