Mariscomac Project - MAC 2014 - 2020 (Madeira Island, Azores Islands, Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands)

Goal Project

Creation of the MARISCOMAC Project website for dissemination of the Mariscomac Project, Scientific Publications, Biological Samplings and News / Events.


Development on Wordpress web platform.


We trained 3 members of the team of our customer mariscomac.org transmitting them the functionality of insertion and management of content on the site, as well as tools for editing photos, content disclosure and statistical analysis of the site.do site. 

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Formação em Wordpress | Goalmarketing Portugal - MariscomacFormação em Wordpress | Goalmarketing Portugal - Mariscomac

Local Training of Goalmarketing Portugal in Madeira


site: www.mariscomac.org


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