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In addition to the need of your business being present on the internet, the way how you presents it is also equally important.

Responsive Design

Make a small test. Try to adjust the window from our website. Are you watching how the content fits to the proportions of your browser? By accessing this website by tablet or mobile phone youwill also notice several adjustments in the layout. All this was thought to improve the user experience and this is the essence of the responsive design.

Being this kind of layout composed of fluid elements, the contents are adjusted according to the available area of the user, allowing for greater flexibility and compatibility with different devices.

Why not provide this powerful tool to its visitors?
Adopting a responsive layout, whether through desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, your website will always be adjusted to the best way to present your content.

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Consolidated Tools

All large buildings are built with good foundations in order to cement a strong and solid base. So the same is true with our websites.

We use market tools, secure and consolidated at the same time with great flexibility, allowing us to create your website quickly and fully customizable.

We require of us the best technologies, techniques and tools because we think it's the least that we should ensure our clients.

Our tools are comprehensive so we have solution to the more modest website that aims to have its first appearance on the WEB, such as provide options for a more ambitious and demanding in website functionality.

Think you need to understand to update your website?
Our websites could not be simpler. We offer a complete solution and user-oriented, that after an initial training will be more than suitable for use.

To have the notion of simplicity of our platforms, request a demonstration.


Custom Solutions

Each case is different, and as such your business deserves the same respect. So we offer personalized service in all our areas of practice. Since the construction of the website and the dissemination and marketing of the same, until the creation of a graphical line of your business in the most diverse media.


If specificity is a focal point for your web solution, we have a solution for the site. The creation of a micro-site geared to a specific product/service, where all content is focused on the dissemination of the same. This is an effective, low-cost solution for occasional or seasonal presence.

Online product sale

In today's world is increasingly the need of businesses remain competitive and relevant in the market. The client is more attentive and demanding. Hence, your online presence is essential. The platform that we present allow you to provide their products to a much wider audience and open 24h a day. Additionally you can manage it through a practical and management system available anywhere. All this in a way that is convenient and secure.

Other solutions

Want to offer other forms of interaction to your client? Automate processes in your business? We get a solution for the specific situation.

Challenge us.


WEB Support

Complementary to our Web Design services, Goalmarketing take care also maintenance and support services, allowing you to keep your business up and running without having to worry about your website.

We perform all types of services, from content update, changes and renovations on the website graphics, graphics/adaptation features, bug fixes/bugs, your e-mail service support/customers, etc.
All of our services include daily backups and management web service.

We provide also other services as the specificity of your business. Contact us.