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Web Marketing | Serviços Multicanal

We offer you strategies to effectively promote your business in the various channels available.

Multichannel Solutions

Our solutions allow you to effectively reach your customers, getting in the moment by you indicated and through the appropriate channel, that your message would be better received.
This in turn gives you the possibility of greater control over what, when and to whom you want to transmit.

For this we provide you the tools you need to communicate with your target audience through the various channels available. These are very diversified, however the most common WEB marketing will certainly be communication through websites, social networks, email, sms, among others.

The power is in the knowledge of your client. You can through our solution forward potential customers for the channels with the highest chance of success and analyze precisely your route in your sales funnel.

As an example, spreading in the channel of social networks, we can direct the message to our target audience, getting even segment it effectively, because these users have previously provided your personal information voluntarily to the network.

We provide you various services and not limited to:
-creation of campaigns (e-mailing, web design, etc.)
-design/development web templates-through forms, micro-sites, surveys, etc., framed or not with the identity of each client
-dynamics of campaigns-tuning and analyzing the behavior of each channel
-measurement of effectiveness statistics or analysis webanalytics

Start today your multichannel marketing strategy.



The SEO means optimization of your website for the search engines, is one of the most efficient tactics for the increase in organic visits. And in this increasingly competitive reality your website must be able to be always one step ahead of its competitors.

Did you know that you just need to make sure the content you transmit to your client? Why not make your website the best resource for the keywords and phrases that best define your business and your company?

With our help, you can have an overview of your website and its operation, where the big focus will be generate phrases and keywords that describe your business. We can thus draw updates or corrections in the presentation of your website, with the ultimate aim of improving its positioning in search engines.

Do a small test, review some words that best describe your business and use a search engine to the search. If your website is not in the top three positions in most of the results, then probably your website need some optimization. Achieve these top positions should be the main goal of its website and to enhance your site as a relevant resource in the words and key phrases that best define your business, you will get it.

What can you gain from all this work?
First of all you will be to provide information relevant to their midst, what will make you gain visibility and potential customers.

Contact us today and see the results to appear.


Social Networks

No doubt that nowadays the WEB became a social environment where applications and networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google + provide mechanisms for people to share everything that's going on around you. This opportunity also changed the way how consumers can find information on a particular product or service, thus making it essential to your business presence in these same networks.

Are you transmitting your message efficiently?
At any time there are thousands of users actively involved in these social networks where some may convert to their customers. If you are not able to convey their message we can assure you that you are losing business to their competitors who do.

We know that there are several obstacles to this lack of success in social networks, and often involves common questions such as: what, when and how to do it or just don't have time.
With our help, let's show you why investing in these networks, to power so use them properly, in order to save you time and facilitate the way it communicates with your audience.

Learn today how we can help you.


Market Analysis

This is an extremely important step where you need to teach him the current situation, in particular the online market, its customers and the various competitors.

This allows you to have a concrete idea for a side of the viability of your project, on the other the difficulty of existing market penetration in order to do business. You be able with this know where is positioned face to various aspects, as well as determine measures to implement to be successful in their midst.

What will we offer?
Diagnostics will be made to existing services with incidences in several parameters looking for sense gaps or suggest good use of them. Is established a strategy based on the goals indicated by the client, focusing on the definition of market segments and their target audience, positioning in your niche and definition and assessment of keywords and phrases inherent in your business.
The planning of this strategy will allow you, not only a relevant position in their midst, as well as identify new opportunities, business sources and generally identify the steps needed to achieve your goals. Don't waste time and talk to us.